Point Perfect, Put Your Cursor Skills to the Test

Point Perfect is a challenging game that will put your mouse clicking hand to the test, as you guide your cursor through a series of challenges that is sure to make even the best of mouse users sweat, transforming a basic computer skill into an art of space exploration and battle.

Developed by Highcastle Studios, Point Perfect is what they consider a “casual game for hardcore gamers.” A perfect time waster that can be enjoyed in minutes. Destroy your enemies by making selection boxes, and avoiding obstacles. No playthrough is the same, as levels and boss encounters are randomly generated at the start of the game, making for a new set of events and a dynamic gaming experience each time. The game offers players four different classes to choose from to suit their needs, or their current situation, be it a boss battle or help attaining a highscore. Only the toughest of pilots will be able to guide their cursor through the gauntlet, crush the twenty-bosses, and claim the twenty-four trophies to earn the title of “Golden Mouse” champion.

The retro-like game will soon be making its way to Steam, but for those that can’t wait until then to put their cursor control skills to the test, they can make there way over to Desura, and give this unique, challenging game a spin.


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