Plundering is as Simple as a Roll of the Dice in Pirates War – The Dice King

Pirates War- The Dice King is a free-to-play digital board game from Korean indie developer Idiocracy, inc. The goal is to pillage and plunder, ultimately becoming the Dice King. You play a pirate captain competing against others to claim the title of Dice King.

Pirates War map

How does one go about this? By buying land, constructing buildings, and upgrading said buildings. In the end, the richest pirate wins the match. There’s danger lurking in the seas though, like the Kraken who traps players for 2 turns once it entangles them or the Navy, who will imprison a member of the crew until they’re defeated. However, players don’t have to play nice with their fellow competitors. Pirate Wars gives them the option to duke it out amongst rival captains. When doing so, the captain and crew will have a great effect on the battleground.

Priates War Batle

Players must build a card deck before the beginning of each match. The deck is comprised of a ship and crew. The deck will affect each match’s strategy, and will provide different skills to use during play. The most powerful card in any deck is the captain; some are efficient for offensive play while some are more suitable for defense. Following the captain is the crew, and the goal there is to match the crew to whichever style of play the captain is suited for. Next, there’s the ship; each ship has a unique function, just like the captain. Some allow players to travel to one of their territories in mere seconds, while others allow for travel during storms. Last is loyalty, a captain should take his or her crew’s loyalty into account, as some members might leave if they think their captain is unworthy.

Recently Greenlit on Steam, Pirates War – The Dice King is aiming for a December 2015 release on PC and Mac, while allowing for cross-platform multiplayer. Those interested in supporting the game can do so via Kickstarter.  To learn more about Idiocracy, inc, visit their website.

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