PlayStation Mobile SDK Will Cost $99

PlayStation Mobile

The Tokyo Game Show is underway currently in Japan and Sony has just finished up their press conference with quite a few announcements! While the big bomb droppers were the announcements of the redesigned PS3 (which looks like the inside of a grill this time!) and the new PlayStation Vita colors for Japan, there was some important news for indie developers looking to put their games on the PlayStation Mobile service.

Sony stated that the Playstation Mobile SDK will be rolling out to all developers in November for $99.99, which is right on par with with other SDKs such as Apple’s iOS. If you’re not familiar with the many releases already coming to Playstation Mobile such as Passing Time, Mecho Wars: Desert Ashes, and Eufloria, then you may be confused as to why so many developers have already jumped on the bandwagon just a month out from its first announcement.

PlayStation Mobile, formerly known as PlayStation Suite, is a software framework that that will be used not only to provide download games on PlayStation certified equipment, but many other devices that can run Android 2.3 or higher as well. HTC, Asus, Sharp, and Fujitsu have already announced that they will be joining the Playstation Mobile program.

With Android missing out on so many high-quality mobile games that iOS seems to always snag up, I can’t help but think that this is a very Smart move on Sony’s part. If you’re a developer and you’d like your game on the PlayStation certified service, the entry fee will be a Franklin when it launches to public developers in November. In the mean time, gamers will be able to experience PlayStation Mobile October 3rd.