Play Your Old Favourites With The ‘GCW-Zero’ Portable


Thanks to the overwhelming success of Kickstarter, there have been many great independent projects that have managed to achieve desperately (or not so desperately) needed funding that they may otherwise have been unable to achieve. These successes have included everything from food and furniture concepts to comics, video games, and even video game consoles. With the recent outstanding success of the Ouya console, it seems that the way has been paved for similar innovations in the world of independent consoles.


The GCW-Zero is the latest project: a mobile gaming handheld designed specifically to run classic PC games such as Duke Nukem and Tyrian. Running an optimized custom version of Linux 3.7, the GCW-Zero is capable of emulating almost all classic consoles, including the PlayStation and NES, which means you can play virtually any old-school game you could possibly want.

GCW-Zero 2

As with many independent consoles of late, the GCW-Zero uses open source software, allowing you to install any application you like, or even go so far as to change the operating system, or modify the system itself, all with the developer’s encouragement. The layout mimics the classics with a number of modern additions such as Micro SD support too.

GCW-Zero 3

The GCW-Zero has already reached it’s goal, which means that no matter what, it is going to get made. In fact, there are already several people who have gotten their hands on the latest prototype. So, if you want to try one, you can head over to the Kickstarter page before January 29th for only $135. Alternatively, for more information such as specifications and media, you can head over to the GCW-Zero website.