Play with Enchanted Physics Puzzles in Off the Shelf

A spell goes completely wrong, causing disorder in your otherwise impeccable library of spellbooks. As they scatter and fall to the ground, they need to be put back in orderly fashion back on the shelves. But no self-respecting wizard would do so physically, and thus “Off The Shelf” is a physics puzzle game with magic.

In the game, available for mobile devices, the player’s goal is to align two tomes on a shelf without them falling off. They need to stand still for three seconds after they are placed, and the game grades based on number of moves used to solve the puzzle. Things get much more complex in the later levels. Enemies appear, though they can be squashed with a finger press. There are also magical vortexes that can transport the tomes, which can be hazardous. Certain zones also completely negate your magic touch.


There are 30 different levels to master, with three stars to get on each.

“We like to play things that are a little bit different on our phones. There are so many similar puzzle games, or clones of famous games on mobile devices, and we wanted to put something out there that’s a little bit different to what we’d played before,” said Paul Kennedy, programmer at Panabona.

Off the Shelf is the debut game from Irish-based game studio, Panabona. The finished project is available now for free on mobile devices using Android or iOS.

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