Play Like a Noble in Louis XIV’s Court with Pegu

Self-taught web developer Albino Tonnina just released a free puzzle game on the Google Play store called Pegu,  which is based off a tabletop game game now more than 300 years old.

Originally developed in the court of Louis XIV, Pegu was known in tabletop form as Peg Solitaire, a game where each match is won by jumping one peg over an adjacent peg to an empty slot on the other, side until only one peg remains. Pegs cannot jump diagonally and they can only jump over one peg at a time. The newly reborn game is now available for Android devices, so you can enjoy a similar game to what was being played in seventeenth century France. (To really get the full experience, we recommend throwing on the waistcoat and breeches, or bodice, you’ve been hiding in your closet.)

pegu1The gameplay is extremely easy to understand and translates well with touch screen technology. There are also 36 levels featured in the download, which gradually increase in difficulty. With the added element of limiting the amount of time you have to play each level, players can enjoy the challenge of time-sensitive puzzle solving in Pegu. While it may be simple and easy to learn, it promises to be quite a challenge the further you get into the game.

For more information about Pegu make sure to check back with IGM for updates, or you can find the game here on the Google Play store, for free.

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