Platforming Challenges Without The Tutorial: Bard’s Gold

Pixel Lantern recently  released their game Bard’s Gold on Steam, Friday, August 14th. The game is an old-school magical platformer with some RPG and rogue-lite elements, and challenges players to figure out how to play the game by themselves without any tutorials or hand-holding.


Bard’s Gold follows the story of a hero whose saddle (containing titular treasure the Bard’s Gold) is stolen by a goblin. Giving chase, the hero falls through a portal and into a strange and dangerous world that he must escape from, but only once he’s retrieved his family treasure. The gold, however, is hiding a secret: an evil spirit has been sealed within for generations. The seal is weakening, and the bard must retrieve the gold before the spirit’s release.

A mostly casual game, Bard’s Gold challenges players to find a key in each level that will unlock the door at the end, allowing the player to keep moving. Of course, then the boss battles ensue, vexing players with a variety of powerful attack moves. Deaths may occur often, but players are able to purchase permanent upgrades that are useful in every subsequent playthrough. What secrets might these levels, and even the Bard’s Gold itself, hold?


Bard’s Gold is currently available on Steam for $7.99, and can be played on Windows and Linux desktops. For more information about this and future Pixel Lantern projects, follow the developer on Twitter or like their Facebook page.

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