Pixel Privateers Enters Free Alpha, Big Changes Coming to Pixel Piracy

Big news for fans of Pixel Piracy, the indie roguelike-pirate-RPG-sim from the folks at Quadro Delta: The developers are busy working on a sequel called Pixel Privateers, while their original title is in for an overhaul.

Pixel Privateers, the second title now in development from Quadro Delta, was supposed to be released as an Early Access title by the end of January. However, after deciding that the title wasn’t quite ready, the launch was delayed approximately by two months, partially to give more time to focus on its predecessor.

“While we are certain it would have sold well, and had enough content for an EA title, we have opted to wait until it was very well polished, balanced, and full of content (i.e. in Beta) before approaching Early Access,” writes Alex Poysky, producer at Quadro Delta, in a Steam forum post.2015-01-25_00004

Privateers aims to take players on RPG, dungeon-like space-exploration missions. Traveling with a spaceship, recruits embark on trips to unknown planets to uncover secrets and fight enemies in active-time combat. Customizing and preparing a party of four, each complete with parameters and abilities, the cadets find randomized treasure and intel for their ship, which acts as a base. The base has plenty of features to upgrade squadrons, from genetic modification to weapon forging.

As of now, while much of the ground coding has been laid out, the game lacks content: Biomes and environment types, planets, empires to trade with, and enemies are all still to be finalized.

Secondly, the developers are aiming for something akin to a “second launch” with Pixel Piracy. Some fans weren’t happy with many of the promises made for features in the game, which never materialized.pixelpirates

“We force-launched Pixel Piracy and it bit us… so until we make amends and redeem our studio with the quality YOU deserve, we aren’t launching our second title,” writes Poysky. “It’s where we put our foot down and we feel it’s the right thing. Work will continue as usual, as will financing, but instead of using anticipated sales and grand sweeping promises, we are hunkering down and putting our money where our mouths are.”

The latest Pixel Piracy patch, coming out on January 29th, focuses on balancing the game. Another big feature of the patch is localization: The game’s code will be fixed up internally to permit fans to easily do fan translations to any language, covering those that the developers can’t do themselves (Spanish and Finnish), so fans will be able to mod the game. Additionally, Quadro Delta will develop a lot of content over the next few months.

Those interested in being a part of the Pixel Privateers Alpha playtest can head over to the Quadro Delta forums and download the build (you must register on the forums to get access). Anyone interested in purchasing Pixel Piracy can do so on Steam.

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