Pixel Piracy Gets The Greenlight


Just days after openly inviting gamers to pirate their copies of Pixel Piracy, the 2D pirate rogue-like developed by Vitali Kirpu is now Greenlit on Steam. Yesterday, the team noted they jumped from being in the top 92% straight into the top 100, and today they’re signing the necessary digital paperwork to sign up as a new Steamworks Partner.

In Pixel Piracy, players take control of a pirate crew and set sail across the open sea navigating through procedurally generated events; encountering ruthless rogues all while trying to enlist new recruits, upgrade their ship, and keep their crew in line. There’s treasure to plunder and other ships to combat, but such is the life of a pirate. Pixel Piracy is currently in alpha and can be purchased through Desura, currently for 20% off. For more information, check out their IndieDB page.

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