‘Pixel People’ Updates To Version 1.41

Now might be a better time than any to get on board with Pixel People, the hit iOS game from LambdaMu Games and Chillingo, especially given the massive 1.41 patch that has just been uploaded.

A majority of the patch has been made up of adjustments to the games operations, specifically within achievements and resource gathering, though there’s a few amusing things within the list. Take the extra page in the animal gallery glitch for example, which has now been removed therefore also debunking the conspiracy theory that invisible animals exist within the game world. Of greater amusement, perhaps, is the explanation given to why Whales have been renamed Blue Whales in the game. I’ll let you scroll down to check that one out.

The full list of changes can be read below:


• All trees have been genetically enhanced to display daily Utopium collection status
• Botanists recalibrate Utopium collection clocks to reset at midnight
• New House Rental Act allows Residential Slots to now be ‘reserved’ for a clone returning from the hotel
• New Wildlife Conservation Act allows animals to be ‘reserved’ in missions so that they cannot be accidentally assigned to other missions.
• Premium mission slot locked until Mayors have a really bad run at the Casino
• Added notifications to remind Mayors about all the free stuff they can get from Utopia Corp
• Real Estate Agent succeeds in reordering houses, placing new ones on top.
• 5 Utopium reward reintroduced in Surprises
• New Achievements included! Police Station orders donuts to celebrate.
• New Purchases included to aid Heart Stockpiling
• New Purchase included to aid Utopium Mining
• Investments pay off as Double Time Purchase now comes with a neat new ability! Enterprise stock value rises
• Utopium rewards from trees look bigger, gets custom SFX.
• Added flashing buttons and more notification aids across the board to help Mayors get around easier
• Decor split into 4 categories for easier navigation
• Easter Bunny event now available at Gene Pool
• Bumper Season correctly shows which buildings are fully occupied


• Lumber Mill event cost improved
• Heart related events given better conversion rates
• Building refresh timers adjusted to reduce overall average number of taps
• Land Expansion costs rounded off
• Construction times adjusted and variance smoothened out
• Trees and Hearts spawn faster on launch
• Golden Heart system improved
• Whales are now a Blue Whale. Orcas are a type of dolphin apparently


• First clone in Arrival queue now gets the rightful effect of spirit discount
• Space time continuum remains intact
• Negativity amongst animals addressed. Existential conflicts amongst Alsatians, Lions, Octopi, and others resolved
• Extra page in Animal gallery removed. Conspiracy theory regarding invisible animals debunked
• Elaborate and ironic drama regarding firefighters rescuing firefighters from the hotel has been nipped in the bud. No more similar incidents expected
• Reproduction anomalies in the hotel rectified. Over zealous Mechanics and Mayors have been asked to get a room
• Crashes and errors relating to inaccurate Gene Discovery Counter fixed
• Elusive Skier removed from Administration category, and returned to Department of Sports
• Genes are now sorted alphabetically within departments
• Fortune teller reprimanded for providing overly-cryptic and sometimes pointless divinations
• Mission Control allows skips when 3 unique missions remain
• Some achievement related crashes fixed. Police Station remains vigilant
• Data corruption failsafes introduced