Pirate Duel: There’s a New Marauder in Town

Bulgaria is a fascinating country, and it’s from there that Magic Box’s browser MMO Pirate Duel hails. Requiring only a browser to be played, the game allows players to jump back in time and become the governor of a pirate island. The island, as well as its structures, populations, and fleet are waiting to be commanded, growing as players choose which buildings to add and how to manage them as well by completing missions. Pirate Duel allows players to choose between three clans: The Larus, Akuma and Barca, each one having their own specific bonuses and stats.


The Captain screen allows players to see and customize their main character

Brought to life over the course of the last two years by a duo of Bulgarian developers, the game has been in beta for a few months in order to iron out the last bugs, as the team hopes to deliver the most polished experience possible. The developers said one of the things they are really proud of is the fact that their game is free to play. “There is no such thing as Pay2Win in Pirate Duel and never will be,” said Daniel Donev, who also added that their objective is to give players a game that forces them to think. The game is completely self-funded, and every aspect of it was created by Donev and his colleague. Pirate Duel is scheduled for release on February 21st, but players can already sign up for an early test by visiting the game’s official website.