PipeRoll 2 Ages Review

PipeRoll 2 Ages is a pipe puzzle game. Similar to the Oil Tycoon series, you rotate pipes to get liquid to flow to the destination. At first, you may think a puzzle game will be boring, but this game is a little different from others because  you will be frantically touching the screen to achieve 3 stars on every level.

The level menu borrows its design from Angry Birds. There are 20 levels in each ‘age’: stone age, ancient ages, middle ages,the golden age of the Western, and the USA of the ‘20s. Pipes in different ages have different themes, and different liquids are introduced in each age. For example, you start out at the stone age with water and lava, but in the ancient ages and middle ages, you need to connect wine and ‘magic’ liquid as well. When you finish a level by completing the path for liquid, you will receive stars based on the time taken. Each level usually has a timer of 1 to 2 minutes in order to achieve 3 stars.

The instructions were very clear and were very user-friendly. I knew exactly what to do after reading for 5 seconds. The game will tell you more as you progress throughout the levels so you are not overloaded with all the information at once.

This game is interesting because you need to make a closed path for liquid to flow to the destination. That means if a pipe is leaking water, you can’t clear the level. Although it certainly is frustrating to find where the pipe is open, this adds challenge to the game. You don’t need to use all of the pipes, just don’t leave any leaks!

I didn’t like that zoom wasn’t available. Some people might prefer thicker pipes so that they know which pipe they are rotating. The later levels will become very big, and you will have to visualize where the pipes are, since they won’t all fit in the screen. With zoom, you can plan better to get better scores, and you won’t make mistakes by tapping on the wrong pipe. Another bad element in the game is that the timer starts right after the level is loaded. From the menu screen, it took me 7 seconds to load the level. Unless the level loads immediately, I would like a start button to show up.

With 100 levels and newly added challenge mode, you can’t complain for a price of $0.99. The developers are even promising more ages in the future, so you won’t run out of levels for a while. The casual graphics and simple gameplay make this game available to everybody. If you’ve never played a puzzle game before, I strongly suggest getting this app.

[review pros=”Made for everyone, start playing immediately” cons=”no zoom, long loading time” score=70]