Pilot a Plane with your Body in PixWing

Among the recent wave of 2D games, the developers at RymPow Team decided to innovate and make a 3D game using a 2D artstyle. The Polish team is composed of 3 people who also worked on This War of Mine, and they want to present a new experience for flight games on mobile devices. This game is called PixWing.

Pixwing 2015-05-15 19-45-09-17

In PixWing, players have whole-body control of a plane. With their device in-hand, players must turn it around to make turns, avoid obstacles and fly through gates to earn points, which therefore requires that they also twist and turn their body (which can be seen in the video above). These flights take place in a colorful, cartoony 3D world of high-resolution pixel art.

Pixwing 2015-05-15 19-41-55-60

The main goal in the game is to beat sky courses in the shortest time possible, while also gathering collectibles and passing through square gates that boost the plane. A free flight mode is also available for a more casual experience, where players can find and collect secrets hidden around the environments. These secrets vary from skins to new planes and special levels for both modes.

Pixwing 2015-05-15 19-41-25-91

PixWing will be released as a premium game, which means players will get the whole package at once and won’t have to purchase any in-app purchases. The game will be available for iOS devices in June or July 2015, with no Android version planned so far. For further information, visit the game’s official website.

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