Forced Perspective Demo Should Have You Prospective

Carnegie Mellon University student startup Pillow Castle released their first public tech demo this week. “The Museum of Simulation Technology” is an 8 minute demo of a potential first-person puzzle game. Using perspective as a mechanic, the player picks up, rotates, and drops items to re-size them based on their appeared location. A small painting of Mona Lisa is taken and, without the player moving forward, is turned into an enormous ramp that leads to the level exit by dropping it above a far away point. Later, the moon is plucked from the sky, shrunk, and re-enlarged to reveal the exit on its surface.

The optical illusion continues when portals are introduced and the player shrinks and expands each gate of the portal in order to manipulate the size of the entire area inside, which is in-fact a duplicate of the room the player is already in. The whole demo is marvelously funny and impressive for a team of university students, and will fit nicely on the shelf beside Portal, Antichamber, and the upcoming SCALE. Or perhaps it’s much bigger than the shelf appears…