Picomy and SEGA Team Up For Action Platformer Heroki

Indie development studio Picomy has collaborated with SEGA to bring a colorful, whimsical action adventure to iOS mobile devices, titled Heroki. A project 5 years in the making, the team exerted much effort in an attempt to create beautiful landscapes, winding levels, and unique character designs.


The game follows the story of a young boy living in Levantia, a village high in the sky where propeller-headed people live their lives flying around in peace. The protagonist for which the game is named after, Heroki, reaches the age to start training to become a skyguard of Levantia, before an attack on the village brings things to a sudden and somewhat hopeless halt. Heroki then challenges players to follow after Dr. N.Forchin and his accomplice Vapor, weaving through levels filled with many enemies and hazards, with the intent of reclaiming an object named the Emerix and saving Levantia.

Utilizing the simple touchscreen controls, players can control Heroki and dodge enemies, break through certain obstacles, or even pick up items and throw them at baddies to clear the path of certain danger. Heroki can also pick up power ups to be stored in his inventory, and sent to him from afar when needed. These include pies for healing, shields for defense, hourglasses to slow down enemies, or an aeroblade for a particularly powerful long-range attack.


Heroki is currently available on the iOS App Store for mobile devices for a one time payment of $7.99 and no in-app purchases. The game also makes use of a brand-new game engine, the Picon Engine, which may see much more use in future projects. For more information on this game, follow Picomy on Twitter or like their page on Facebook.

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