Physics Puzzle Game Egz Announced With A Big Bang


The universe, supposedly, was an empty wasteland of stars which then exploded in a big bang with gravity, matter, and life. But what if there was more than a simple big bang? The developers at Lonely Woof give the world a little more insight with their first mobile game, Egz, by releasing a new trailer.

Egz takes place during the beginning of time when Earth was just forming and the titular “Egz” have just sprung to life. With no real purpose or direction in the world yet, the Egz will have to traverse throughout the newly created territory if they wish to survive.

Egz allows the player to assume control of a cute, rounded critter with a swirly symbol etched on its shell. Using similar physics like the egg-throwing in Nintendo’s Yoshi games, Egz’s initial mechanic involves being flung, bounced or rolled, all controlled by the player simply swiping on the smartphone’s screen. Egz can crack and die but newly formed ones appear as the player slings their way through around 80 colorful levels.

Look for Egz in early 2016 for Android and iOS devices. Follow the developers on Twitter to keep up with the game’s development.

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