Physical Boxed Version of Teslagrad Coming Q4 2014

Rain Games’ Teslagrad is beautiful. Complex. Intelligent. It’s a wonderful series of fantastic design decisions and gameplay mechanics, coming together in a great title filled with charm and heart. It’s a game I’d love to experience over and over again, and with the announcement that a new physical version of the game will be hitting PS3, PS4, Vita, Wii U, and PC, I have all the excuses I need to head back into the game’s wonderful world. (The game collector in me is not-so-silently flipping out right now.) Dutch publisher SOEDESCO, the people producing the physical copies, is currently mum on what extra goodies will be in the boxed version of the game, but just putting Teslagrad in that box makes it a pretty solid package already.

If you don’t know why you should care, then you should watch the trailer and take a look at its art style. Possessing the smooth flow of cartoon motion and mingling it with this sombre, oppressive mood makes the game visually stunning from just a glance. The Steampunk version of old Europe across over one hundred hand-drawn screens is likely to impress. If not, the various tools you use to traverse the Metroidvania-like environments should catch your attention. These aren’t as simple as odd weapons or double jumps, but tools that use magnetism, polarity, and electricity itself to solve puzzles. Science is your weapon here, and you’ll need to use your head and these tools to solve the puzzles of Tesla Tower.


So, either as someone who already lovesĀ Teslagrad, or as a physical collector who’s sold on the game’s art style and gameplay, you may want to keep your eyes open around Q4 2014 for this title. It’s not often that physical game collectors get a chance to support their favorite indies while getting a game for their collections. If you can’t wait, then you can always get the stellar downloadable version that exists right now, though. I mean, we liked the downloadable one just fine, after all.

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