PennyPop Announces ‘Battle Camp’, The Free Mobile MMO

Battle Camp splash

Although there are many mobile games released every months, there are very few that can be called non-traditional. Battle Camp is a newly released RPG game for iOS that combines elements of World of Warcraft, Bejeweled and Pokemon. A true, mid-core MMO, Battle Camp has you assemble a fighting team from over 135 unique monsters and battle them utilizing thrilling mechanics such as a match-3 battle system.

Battle Camp Screenshot 1

Just like in Pokemon, your monsters can level up, evolve, and learn unique skills that can set them apart from the crowd. Unlike Pokemon, however, there’s so much more that you can do with your newfound friends. You can form troops with the other players in the game to take on even tougher challenges as a team. There are raids that you can undergo to battle rare and dangerous monsters, and you can even wage wars against other troops for glory in unique, synchronous PvP.

Battle Camp Screenshot 3

Battle Camp is planned for release for free on iOS devices later this year. Continued support is planned for the game in the form of weekly promotional events each with unique stories, bosses and rewards. If you like what you see, and want more information on Battle Camp the moment it becomes available, you can head over to the Battle Camp page on the Apple App Store, or keep an eye on the Battle Camp website.

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