‘Penguemic’ Uses Penguins To Teach SAT/GRE/GMAT Vocabulary


Development team Learn District is in the process of developing a vocabulary game that helps players efficiently learn vocabulary that is frequently found within the SAT, GRE, and GMAT standardized tests. Penguemic is the name of the game, and Learn District is approaching the final stretch of the game’s three-month development plan.

The premise of Penguemic is that players must defend their penguin brethren by selecting the proper word that “counters” the word brought forth by an enemy polar bear. By the game’s release, Learn District told IGM that they plan on having 100 words included within the game, with potential booster packs of words based on the response from players.

“The 100 [words] included in the game were carefully chosen from a cross-referenced list of most frequently appearing words across SAT, GRE, and GMAT tests,” Laila Shabir, CEO of Learn District, said to us.


Penguemic is Learn District’s first title. They plan to release the game in episodes, with the full game being available in late October for iOS, PC, and Linux.

A Kickstarter campaign for Penguemic is currently underway. Learn District is looking to raise $50,000 for the final stretch of the game’s development.

“We’re actually pretty scrappy and have succeeded in keeping overhead very low,” the team says on the Kickstarter campaign page. “Most of the Kickstarter funds will go into covering production costs for the next few months as we finish and polish the game. This includes stuff like music/audio, artwork, programming and animation for all 10 episodes.”

The full game is part of the $10 reward tier, which also comes with the game’s soundtrack, credit on Penguemic’s website, and a digital wallpaper.

Visit the Kickstarter campaign for Penguemic, and follow the developers on Twitter.

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