PAX Prime 2013: On The Level Interview and ‘Boo Bunny Plague’ Gameplay Footage


Chris Hayes, one of our IGM PAX Prime 2013 team members, writes on his hands-on impressions of On The Level Game Studios’ action adventure title Boo Bunny Plague.

Boo Bunny Plague is the story of a robot toy bunny gone mad. With his trusty guitar, he must smash his way to happiness. Where the game really hits home is its nods to the past, with nods to both Say Anything and Robocop 3, it leaves you looking for that sense of nostalgia. I was left wanting more, as I don’t think I got the full sense of the game with the small amount of game play I received.

As of present it is a game about a mad robot bunny trying to smash things with its guitar, but I got the sense that there will be more to come and I am looking forward to seeing what is next for Bunny. Here’s our interview with On The Level’s Bunny Rogers and Jamie Daruwala, as well as a look at some gameplay footage:

Boo Bunny Plague is due out Easter 2014 on PC, check out and/or vote for the game on its Steam Greenlight page.