PAX Prime 2013: Interview with League of Geeks and ‘Armello’ Artwork Preview


Janessa Olson, one of our IGM PAX Prime 2013 team members, writes on her hands-on impressions of League of Geeks’ digital card and board game Armello.

Indie collective League of Geeks debuted their first project Armello at the Indie Megabooth. Players choose between one of five characters, defending their region of Armello and fighting to seize control from other players.

Using real-time strategy and digital cards with various weapons and stats on them for combat, Armello is comparable to Settlers of Catan. The artstyle is rich and fanciful; the kind you’d expect to see out of a storybook. While Armello isn’t the typical sort of game I could see myself play, the captivating art combined with turn-based similar tabletop gameplay is more than enough to entice lovers of strategy to give it a try.

Be sure to look for Armello in 2014, here’s our interview with Trent Kusters of League of Geeks — along with a look at the game’s artwork: