Pax East 2016’s Indie MEGABOOTH Roster Revealed

Each year I attend PAX East, Boston’s largest gaming convention, I learn a greater appreciation for the work the Indie MEGABOOTH team does. This is a team that makes the hugely expensive and difficult venture of running booths at these conventions possible for the smaller indie game developers.

The Indie MEGABOOTH boasts a showcase of some of the best indie games from the upcoming year. The lineup for 2016 is no different, with its massive list of almost ninety games to display. This year the program features standouts like Flame in the Flood, Jennie LeClue, and Forced Showdown, while also bringing a lot of the more unknown games to the convention. While none of the IndieGameMag staff are attending PAX East this year, the annual convention promises to be an amazing time for all. You can read the full Indie MEGABOOTH roster on its website.

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