Visiontrick’s ‘Pavilion’ Looks Absolutely Astounding

2012 has been a fantastic year for Indie Games, and from what little we’ve seen, it seems like 2013 is going to continue that trend. Pavilion is a recently announced indie game by Visiontrick Media, scheduled for release for PC and mobile devices some time in 2012.

Touted as a ‘Fourth-Person Exploratory Experience’ about guidance, influence and sublime control’, Pavilion certainly seems like a surreal experience. The aesthetic is magnificent, mirroring the style of classical landscape paintings and is undeniably a huge step forward from the original art style.

Although there hasn’t been a huge amount of information released,  there’s certainly enough on show to pique the curiousity of  many. The gameplay itself apparently involves manipulating the environment and influencing the senses of the protagonist to drive him towards ‘the truth’. It’s certainly an interesting concept, and it seems like it will certainly be a game worth looking into once more is information released.

If you’re interested in viewing any more screenshots of Pavilion, or viewing the teaser trailer, you cam simply head over to the Pavilion website. You can also follow Visiontrick Media on Twitter to keep up to date on the development process.