Party Hard Receives Update and Amazon Release

Developer Pinokl Games has recently released an update to its strategy title Party Hard. The game focuses on stopping parties across the United States through a number of extraordinary means.


Players take on the role of those fed up with their neighbors throwing loud parties. Instead of contacting law enforcement, players are tasked with stopping the celebrations by killing off the guests. The story follows these murders across various states, including Miami, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.

The game features semi-procedural levels, and players must navigate and kill with stealth if they are to be successful. This requires players to blend in with party guests and take out victims without attracting attention. Players have the ability to set off traps throughout the environments and can also cause SWAT teams and firefighters to close down the parties. The game includes approximately 12 levels, each of which contains the potential for random occurrences. According to the project’s website, one potential event consists of “a bear coming in and killing everyone for [the player].”


Party Hard began as a game jam project before eventually releasing on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux in August. The recent update improves many of the game’s performance issues, enabling the game to be ported to additional platforms. The title was picked up by Amazon and is now available for $12.89 USD on compatible Fire TV devices.

For more information on stopping parties by any means necessary, check out Party Hard on Facebook, Twitter, and the official website.