Panmorphia: An Aristotelian Point-and-click Adventure

Adventure beckons in Panmorphia, a non-linear point-and-click that serves as the debut title from Cyprus-based developer LKMAD. The game, which was originally released last December as an iPad exclusive, is now bringing its magical, puzzle-based gameplay to mobile devices. According to the legend of Panmorphia, each generation sees a child born whose destiny is to become a sentinel of the land.

panmorphia puzzle

Four Aristotelian elements dominate the land, which can be controlled by the sentinels in order to transform themselves into an animal representing each one: A cat symbolizes Earth, a bird depicts Wind, a fish means Water, and a human represents Fire. Depending on which transformation players use, their point of view will be influenced in different ways leading to new scenes and items, and even the transformation of day to night.  A special amulet gives players the ability to capture all four elements at once, and transport themselves through the aether when they are called upon in times of need.

panmorhia 3

Panmorphia lets players explore every inch of the world by the light of day or during nightfall, including underwater regions. The game features an original soundtrack, as well as a dynamic map and notepad which allow players to record their discoveries. Those seeking a more relaxed gameplay experience can choose to play in ‘Easy mode,’ which highlights items and areas of interest, and can be activated from the game menu. A walkthrough is also available and explains the solutions to various puzzles in addition to providing sketchbook clues, and tips on how to recharge the amulet.

You can test your puzzle-solving skills today by downloading Panmorphia from the App Store or Google Play Store. For further information on Panmorphia,, be sure to follow LKMAD on Twitter and Facebook. What do you think about Panmorphia? Let us know in the comments section!

A keen retrogamer who grew up playing classics like Prince of Persia, Aladdin, and Diddy Kong Racing, Katrina believes that digital games are not just fun, but a great way to learn. These days she enjoys studying Japanese language acquisition, and designing her own games.