Pankapu: the Dreamer Draws on Nostalgia and Tribal Inspirations

Too Kind Studio harkens back to old-school 2D platformers with Pankapu: the Dreamer, referencing the simpler, fun, but imaginative games from our childhoods. They’re also focusing on an interesting dual-narrative style to tell Pankapu‘s tale.

Pankapu draws on inspiration from the Lakota Native American tribe, and games from the Final Fantasy series, in a story about protecting humanity from invading nightmares. Pankapu is a shadow warrior on a quest to defeat the monsters in the world of Omnia, while also finding helpful allies and learning more about morals. However, the narrative will also switch to Jaha’rell, a child to whom the story of Pankapu is being told. The intertwining stories will reveal connections to the players. The main scenario is divided into eight television-like episodes – each one with its own plot, but with ties to the overarching narrative – so Pankapu will be released in episodes.


Pankapu will feature nonlinear levels with multiple side quests and secret areas to explore. During the course of the games, the hero finds three different Aegis: Faith, Bravery, and Ardor. Bravery is the starting one, and it grants Pankapu a balanced fighting style with a sword; Ardor provides a bow to perform ranged attacks, and Faith equips a scepter to unleash crowd-controlling and healing magic. The Aegis are akin to “Jobs” and can be changed at any time to adapt to situations.


Too Kind Studios showed a prototype of Pankapu at Paris Games Week 2014. Currently, it’s in Alpha stage, but in the coming weeks it should progress to a Beta. The team is expecting to release the first chapter by the end of this year.

Pankapu: the Dreamer is part of the Square Enix Collective, a curation platform that allows the community to express interest in a game. Registered users can share their thoughts on the game and vote to show support, which in turn pushes Square Enix to lend support to the project in the future, possibly via a crowdfunding website.

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