‘Panda Quest’ Is Now Free Of Charge

Panda Quest

Everyone likes free games, right? (For those of you who answered “no” just to spite me, I feel sufficiently spited. Now continue reading.) The majority of us do in fact enjoy adding Apps to our App collection, especially when they are free. So allow me to introduce to you a platformer-shooter named Panda Quest- Ep. 1 Dragon Invasion, which has been recently numbered among the freebies.

Panda Quest involves helping a panda defend its bamboo forest against dragons as it attempts to make its way to its pagoda in the clouds. Luckily, our panda friend is not foolish enough to take on hoards of dragons empty-pawed. This panda has access to guns, and it knows how to use them. Utilizing a massive arsenal of weaponry as well as spectacular jumping and platforming skills, the panda shall strive to fend off the draconic hordes and protect the forest. But not just any forests— dynamically-created, ever-changing forests of doom!

Panda Quest ScreenshotThis game of pandas, dragons, and guns was created by Andre Khromov for the App Store Christmas 2011. Unfortunately, it got buried alive in the Christmas shuffle and flew straight under the radar. So Mr. Khromov decided to drop the game down to the low, low price of free for you lovely App Store consumers. No ads, no in App purchases. Now is the perfect time to snag it if you’re looking for a new game.

If the game begins getting some love, the developer plans to add some updates and extra content. A Mac, Windows, and Android version ay eventually be created as well. How far Panda Quest goes depends on how much love it gets.

The iTunes page for Panda Quest can be viewed here. It can be played on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Go check it out while it’s still free!