Palm Kingdoms 3 Provides Rest for Weary Travelers

Today we’re going on a tropical getaway to Palm Kingdom. It’s like a medieval-era vacation time complete with palm trees and beaches. Palm Kingdoms 3 is a strategy RPG that draws influence from the old Heroes of Might & Magic (HOMM) where players trek through an involving story that incorporates a point and click movement style with an encounter system that takes the game to a hex-grid arena for combat. The isometric, pixel art style takes gamers back to the days where titles like Baldur’s Gate and Diablo were fresh off the press and drawing in those with a hunger for fantasy adventure. Keeping their spirit alive, developer iosoftware is taking the elements they love about past RPG’s and grafting them together into a hybrid magnum opus for mobile devices.

palm kingdoms

Palm Kingdoms 3 offers rich landscapes to explore, castles to conquer, and plenty of opposition to take down. Through this conquest, players will employ several options available to aid them, such as collecting resources, fortifying their strongholds, and forging alliances with other parties. Currently, this turn-based spiritual successor to Heroes of Might & Magic is near the end of its campaign on Indiegogo, through which iosoftware is funding the expansive project. They aim to add many more characters and features to the game, which also strengthens the multiplayer aspect that’s being developed as well. This title has been Greenlit, and updates on the project can be found on their Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Youtube! Those interested in pledging to the project can visit the Indiegogo page, or check out the Royal Bounty HD Beta by pre-ordering it for $2 here.

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