Pale-faced Action RPG Ashen Coming to Xbox One

One of the lesser-known dangers facing humanity is ash. Not the trainer, but simple, flaky ash. The various supervolcanoes around the world have the potential to cover the entire world in ash, effectively cutting off most sunlight, and turning our world into a largely unbreathable wasteland.

There is a rumble in the distance, and then a light.
Through leaking eyes you make out a peak on the horizon,
choking the land in a cloud of ash.

Nothing ever shone so bright.

Ashen and its developer, Aurora44, take this threat seriously, and adds into it the fear of monsters, magic, and the unknown. The world is covered in ash, and players must choose whether those few refugees that they find in the gray dust are worth trying to help, or if their best chances for survival are alone.


Ashen is a third-person action RPG which the developer says is about “forging relationships” and involves exploration and survival in a world overcome by ash, swarming with magical creatures who wish only to consign players to a gray and white grave. The game features Passive Multiplayer, which suggests something along the lines of Dark Souls’ multiplayer, and of course, takes place in an open world.


Aurora44 is bringing Ashen to both the Xbox One and PC, with no mention of other platforms at the moment. You can learn a bit more about the game from its website, and you can check out the trailer up above.

A nerd of elephantine proportions (both figuratively and literally), Connor also writes for Pxlbyte, and has recently come to realize that he is, in actuality, really bad at video games. So he writes about them instead.