Pablo Cavarez: Sliding Puzzle Explorer

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Puzzles are a very easy way to distract me for hours on end. When I first picked up the Professor Layton games, for example, I locked myself in my room and only came out for meals. This wasn’t planned, of course, I just ended up sucked into the game and its highly enjoyable puzzles. When I finished the first game, I quickly went to swap the card out for the next game, and this continued until I ran out of games in the series and, consequently, money. Professor Layton also had its share of sliding puzzles, and between those, the ones in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and actual, physical ones that I’ve owned/borrowed forever from unsuspecting friends, I feel I have a pretty firm grasp on sliding puzzle games.

Pablo Cavarez: Sliding Puzzle Explorer, from developer Bloody Monkey, takes your classic ideas of sliding puzzle games and — quite literally — reorganizes them. Instead of simply trying to form a picture, you must help the explorer, Pablo Cavarez, reach the exit of each puzzle. In order to do this, players have to slide pieces around in the vein of a fairly standard sliding puzzle, but with the aim of building a path instead of a picture. Once you’ve built the path, you press play and see if your explorer successfully wanders through the puzzle.

The game will be released in just under a week, on May 28th, with the free version containing 1 world (16 levels), and $0.99 getting you the full game on iOS devices, the Google Play store, and Windows Phones. You can learn more about the game and the developer here.

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