Overcome Prejudice in Theo and Lizzy

Two-man game development studio Butcherlab has announced their first project titled Theo and Lizzy. Butcherlab was founded in April of this year by Pete Harries and Ollie Elliott.  The two previously worked together on a project back in 2011 called The Seeker that was never released due to lack of funding. Harries moved on from that title to work on AAA games like Alien Isolation and Forza Horizon, while Elliott began working on personal projects in his spare time.

In Theo and Lizzy, players control Theo as he attempts to overcome the societal obstacles between him and the young woman he loves, Lizzy. The two young lovers come from very different environments. Theo is a “grounder” and expected to live with the rest of his friends and family on the ground, while Lizzy and other “uppers” reside on the ceilings of the world. That all changes when Theo gains the ability to switch between the ground and ceiling at will. Lizzy’s mother discovering the love affair marks the catalyst of Theo’s adventure that pits him against both “grounders” and “uppers” alike as he attempts to reunite with his lover.


Players will traverse over 100 levels and use abilities to run on ceilings, smash through walls, and slow down time in order to overcome the prejudice of society and find Lizzy. The release date and final price of the title have yet to be determined, but Butcherlab has announced that Theo and Lizzy will be available on PC. The project is still in the pre-Alpha phase, with development updates available on the official website.

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