Over There!: ‘THORG: The Hidden Object Role-Playing Game’ Released

Eagle-eyed gluttons for retrieving proverbial needles from metaphorical haystacks on the figurative move have been greeted with a non-literal love letter (OK, I’ll stop now) from Armaan Khan, creator of THORG: The Hidden Object Role-Playing Game, which was recently granted a public release on the iPad platform.

The game centres around the traditional hidden object formula, although its concrete basis is given a considerable shake-up. Players are challenged to clear their way through a 49-cell grid, with each cell concealing either a splendid little hidden object or a pesky Dangerous Thing, which will engage in battle once disturbed. It’s subsequently up to the player to fend off the Dangerous Things by using one of four skills made available through the acquisition of in-game cash, allowing them to continue on their quest for grid-based enlightenment.

According to Khan, THORG¬†packs a genuine challenge for gamers of all skill levels, thanks in no small part to the game’s randomised event system. However, he asserts that the game’s fast pace and addictive premise should not only help alleviate player frustration after meeting their demise for the umpteenth time, but should also make the game an ideal way to spend a short coffee break or recreational breather, which, considering the stop-start nature of modern life, is as admirable goal to aspire to indeed.

More information on THORG: The Hidde Object Role-Playing Game¬†can be accessed through Khan’s personal website, where you’ll find plenty of detailed information about the statistical factors underpinning how the game works. To purchase the game, available exclusively for iPad, you can hand over $0.99 over the virtual counter of the App Store.