‘Ouya’ Begins To Heat Up As The Development Consoles Arrive


For many people the Ouya is going to be the really big deal this year, in terms of indie gaming. It promises a new and exciting platform that should bring about a major improvement in the games we traditionally see on Google Play.

Hopefully the Ouya will move the mobile market away from just the traditional quick throw away games, and start to develop some games that actually have more substance for a sit down console.

Earlier this week we saw some early gameplay footage of the Ouya playing Roasty Roosters on the development console. It’s still early days and the game has yet to be optimized for the console but it proves an interesting first look at the console (even if it seems to only raise more questions than it answers). Check out the video below:

Although the Ouya’s release is still a little way off they did run a competition over the Christmas period that would allow developers to get their hands on the console early and for free. These early developer builds have proven to be difficult to get hold of for many developers due to their high price point, but Ouya assure us this will drop once the console ships this year.

The competition saw 13 developers scoop up a free Ouya development console that will allow the developers to port their games to the new console. Of course this is a great idea for Ouya because it will help bolster their launch titles as these developers will be ahead of the game.

But who are the luck 13, well lets find out:

In all honesty it’s quite a diverse range of games and games like Journey To Hell should really push the Ouya’s graphical processing to its limit. However personally I am really looking forward to seeing how Legend of Dungeon and Starbound fair on the new mini system.

This year should be a very interesting year for the indie scene as many companies push out mini consoles leading the way to new and exciting ways to play your games who will win out in the end.

Be sure to check the Ouya site for all the latest news about the console.

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