‘Outwitters’ Updated With Bug Fixes


Earlier this summer, IGM reviewed One Man Left’s latest release, Outwitters; a turn based strategy multiplayer game that touted the concepts of league matchmaking, and 1 vs 1 competition or 2 vs 2 (if you enjoy ‘more the merrier), all for the low, low price of free. The American made developing duo has heard the cries of its mobile app’s many devoted fans and answered. On September 6, One Man Left released update 1.1, a fix for the various complaints from their fans concerning various crashes, bugs, loading, and timing out errors.

Has your game not been starting up for you lately? Have you ever given thought to increasing your game limit? Well, fear no longer mobile gamer! While the update has been deemed to be ‘less crash’ for our fellow comrades who have befallen the flaws of pre-updated Outwitters, the game’s new update also features the only option in accessing the game, meaning any app of Outwitters without the update will not start up correctly. Additionally, Update 1.1 will allow users to increase their game max to 35, allowing longer play time for friends, family, and mortal enemies that must have their bases destroyed.

Despite all of these numerous changes, Outwitters will still remain the same old Outwitters many of its fans originally came to know and love. Choosing whether or not to fight under the Scallywags, robotic Feedback legion, or cute-sy Adorables will still remain to be an option, as well as its universality in being compatible with all iOS platforms; but that’s not all folks! One Man Left is soon planning to release even more content for the month of October, so be sure to follow them on their Twitter and Facebook.