Out of the Park Baseball 16 Releases on Steam

Out of the Park Baseball 16, a baseball management title, launched for PC earlier this year. The game continues the series with new rosters, leagues, and strategies.


Players are tasked with managing teams through real practices, such as swapping players and signing agents. According to the developer, “One of our favorite new features this year is the redesigned coaching model. Managers and coaches now have certain personalities and special skills or preferences, which will result in plenty of interesting choices.”


The game also allows for AI-controlled scenarios, so players can decide how much of the process they want to control themselves. A new game mode enables a computer to control the entire outcome, and players can witness the result. Playable seasons go as far back as 1871 and follow historical occurrences as team members join the baseball world at accurate timings.

Many more improvements have also been made, and the developer states, “Last year we introduced support for 3D stadiums and realistic 3D ball flight, which was a big step-up for the series. OOTP 16 improves on that 3D presentation and includes great-looking 3D models of all 30 MLB ballparks.”


Out of the Park Baseball 16 is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam, the App Store, and the developer’s website, and the title is currently 50% off through Steam. For more information, check out the game on Facebook, Twitter, and the official website.