Out of Sight Tackles Family Trauma and Dysmnesia

Dysmnesia is a condition that affects memory and impairs one’s ability to remember events and details from their lives. Many games seem to use amnesia as a starting point, but the group of French students behind Out of Sight focused on a mother suffering from dysmnesia.

Mary is talking to a psychologist, trying to figure out why her son Nathaniel left the house. As the two converse, players go into episode-like rooms from Mary’s life. Each room has a few objects particular to the memory. Since she can’t clearly recall what happened, the player has to study some of the items — a garbage can hiding a bottle of alcohol, a portrait frame, or blood-stained telephone — and use one of the five senses to recall something. Depending on the item, Mary can recall sounds, smells, or the tactile impression of an item. When two “impressions” are combined, Mary recalls something and the player finds out more details.


After playing out all the details she can remember, the game goes back to conversing with the therapist, where a few dialogue options which lead to different events unfold unpleasant aspects of the family’s history.

Out of Sight features voice actors and a background piano soundtrack. It can be played either in French or English, though it requires a gamepad. There’s currently no support for any other format.

The game is a recently-released student production from French students attending Isart Digital, a game design and 3D animation school. The team is presently porting the game to Unity 5 (the current version is in 4), squashing some bugs, and developing versions for Mac and Windows 10.

Those interested can download Out of Sight from either for free or name your own price.

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