Order Up Service with a Saucy Smile in Pizza Express

Pizza Express is a new game developed by one-man studio, Onni Interactive. Players are thrown into the role of a pizzeria manager in a game reminiscent of Diner Dash.

Pizza Express

It is the player’s job to manage every aspect of the pizzeria in an effort to turn it into the best restaurant in town. Players will have to be quick though, as they only have 30 days to overthrow F.L.A.B. (Finger Licking Associated Bistros). According to Onni Interactive, the game includes the following features:

  • Players have complete control over the menu, designing every aspect of their pizzas including the name, toppings, and price. 
  • More than 50 ingredients to unlock and choose from. 
  • A detailed management mode to neatly organize a small culinary empire. Players can purchase new tables, adjust the business hours, add new furniture to the restaurant, then advertise it.
  • A dynamic and unpredictable story, featuring subplots and alternate endings. 
  • A huge variety of zesty characters to meet and love (or hate). 
  • “250 different possible difficulty combinations.”
  • Retro graphics and music. 
  • Language support in both English and Italian.

Pizza Express 1

Pizza Express is available for Windows via Steam, and currently is set at a price of $6.99 USD. To learn more about the game, be sure to visit the official Steam page.

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