Orbit’s Odyssey Lands on iOS

Paperkyte, a mobile entertainment company based in San Francisco, recently released their game Orbit’s Odyssey on iOS devices. A strategy puzzler that places emphasis on graphics and artwork, the game attempts to reimagine puzzlers using “character interplay and space-time oddities,” according to Paperkyte co-founder Prashanth Shantharam.


In Orbit’s Odyssey, the player controls a humanoid cookie as it travels across the galaxy through 90 brain-teasing puzzles to find Orbit, his space boy alter ego. In each level, the player makes use of two primary actions – rolling and teleporting – in order to collect coins and gems, while dodging monsters that give chase around the planet. Players are encouraged to use a bit of trickery in order to avoid the enemies, and still somehow collect all of the extra items in each level. The developers promise the game┬áchallenges the cleverness and strategic skills of each player. Simultaneously, players will be able to enjoy views of the cosmos provided by experienced animators, some of whom have contributed to such animated films as Sherman and Peabody and Book of Life.


Orbit’s Odyssey is available now on iOS devices for free. For more information and updates on the game, those interested are encouraged to follow Orbit’s Odyssey on Twitter and like their page on Facebook.

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