Online Space RTS Starfall Tactics Revealed

Snowforged Entertainment has revealed their all-new online space RTS, dubbed Starfall Tactics, via a gameplay trailer. It’s a wargame focused around a balance between tactical space combat and in-depth spaceship customization.

Starfall Tactics takes place in an alternate dimension, where the human race on Earth was dying as a result of uncontrolled population and unsolved environmental problems. As a result of this, planet-wide evacuation plans were set up. Unfortunately, many people were left behind. Humanity split into two major factions with a solemn distaste for one another – those that had been forced to remain on Earth, and those that had managed to escape. In time, war broke out between the two factions, which is where Starfall Tactics picks up.


Starfall Tactics is billed as a mash-up of both “wargames” and “real time strategy,” meaning it’ll have a strong focus on individual unit customization and capability in combat. Apparently, players need not worry about building a base or economic micromanagement, though “get to make interesting choices in this area”.

Another aim of Starfall Tactics is to provide a richly featured combat system; players will be required to focus on their capability to effectively assess combat situations, taking into account enemy equipment, surrounding environmental factors, and technology available at their disposal.

The game will be available for Windows, and is slated for a release on Steam and Desura around Q4 of 2016. For those that are interested in obtaining more information or keeping up with Starfall Tactics’ development, a mailing list is available on the official website.