Online Communities Join Forces to Create Mod Appreciation Week

Mod DB LogoOnline modding community ModDB, in conjunction with Curse, Gamebanana, Run Shoot Think Live, and others, recently announced a new initiative named Mod Appreciation Week 2015. In response to the headlines mods garnered due to Valve’s recent release and retraction of their paid mod program, ModDB thought it appropriate to gather the gaming community together to give modders and the content they create some positive attention.

ModDB posted their official announcement regarding the new initiative on May 18 and explained that “mods are such an important part of PC Gaming-but it occurred to us that until the community found its voice a few weeks back, we mostly took all the hard work and effort mod teams put in (while asking for nothing in return) for granted.” The website, along with their partners, encourage those that wish to take part in this show of support to tweet, share, and link to their favorite mods, and explain why they enjoy them.

To help motivate participation, ModDB has also attained the support of several game developers who have offered up their products for a giveaway. By following the four steps outlined in the initial post, participants will be eligible to win keys to a number of games, including Insurgency, Killing Floor 2, Amnesia, Space Engineers, and more. The online event started on May 18 and is scheduled to continue until May 25.

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