Omori Kickstarter is Black and White and Bleeds Rainbow

I’ll give you a minute to watch the trailer and pause on the bits with text.

Omori began as a blog narrative and short-lived online comic series back in 2011, but writer, illustrator, and developer Omocat saw a bigger vision for her characters: A surreal, psychological-horror RPG – heavy on the surreal – which is up now on Kickstarter. In the game, a “depressed otaku” named Omori travels between two worlds, each one simultaneously welcoming and mysterious, but only one of which is real. A heavily story/character-driven game, Omori promises to offer players over 60 NPCs to relate with and become attached to, as well as the ability to select the name and gender of every character in the player’s party.

Omori will make use of some RPG conventions, such as turn-based battling and dungeons, but Omocat and her team of developers are incorporating their own intriguing twists. Instead of ‘burned’ or ‘poisoned’, battles will have “statuses and states based off real human emotions and conditions.” It’s these quirks, and the game’s utter zaniness, that make Omori so intriguing. Early screenshots show some levels that are entirely black and white, which Omocat calls the “White Space”, while others are so full of color that it feels like a different game. Surreal and intriguing in its art design, Omori is a Kickstarter to keep your eye on.


Just over 30 hours after launch, Omori hit its $22k base funding, and has since made over $50k, 9 days later. The current stretch goal ($65k) is to add additional mini-games playable via in-game arcade machines, and you can pledge towards the game now to make it happen.