Old-School Shoot Em’ Ups Re-Imagined In ‘Pixel Patrol’

Pixel Patrol

There’s something special about old-school shoot em’ ups and beat em’ ups that always see me buying the same re-released game for each new generation of portable gaming devices. Whether it’s pure nostalgia, or the simplistic yet challenging gameplay, I look to my gaming library and see multiple versions of Contra and Streets of Rage. Once in a great while gamers, like myself, are graced with brand new games with the influence of the classics. One of those is Pixel Patrol (working title).

Pixel Patrol will come with a variety of weapons such as the shotgun, grenade launcher, sniper rifle, and more. Additionally the player will start each level with a frag grenade,  flash grenade, and a riot shield. You’ll need all this equipment as you’ll be taking on a variety of enemies and vehicles such as tanks, helicopters, jeeps, and fighter jets.

The level design of Pixel Patrol is inspired by the old 8/16 bit era of games such as Golden AxeFinal Fight and Streets of Rage. If you haven’t experienced some of these old-school classics, the levels scroll in a periodic fashion as waves of enemies attack the player. The difference here is you wont be controlling a visible character, instead enemies will shoot directly at your screen and you’ll be required to tap on them to defeat them.

Developers Gary Paluk and Pierre Chamberlain met through their various development projects and general interest of Adobe Flash/Air Stage3D technology. The same technology that is being used to develop Pixel Patrol. The duo will release Pixel Patrol under the developer name of BigPlugin, a play on their Twitter screen names.

The launch game pack with be titled the “Mafia Pack”. In the Mafia Pack you will be taking on armies controlled by the Russian Mafia. Some areas you’ll be exploring are Siberia, a Russian hotel, and the Moscow subway. New level packs will be released periodically with all of them containing a ranking system just so you know how good you really are.

Pixel Patrol is looking to be that bit of nostalgia gamers can seek their teeth into, but get a different taste this time around, when it comes out in the near future. To keep up with Pixel Patrol, be sure to visit Plugin.IO’s Facebook page, or follow Gary and Pierre on Twitter.

  • Sounds (and looks) more like Operation Wolf than any of the other mentioned games to me! No bad thing of course, but feels completely different to play.