Oddwings Escape Now Available on iOS

(Editor’s note: Oddwings Escape is actually releasing May 14. Even though the iOS link is live now, the game won’t be available until then. Sorry about that!)

Oddwings Escape was released on May 4 to the iOS App Store, according to a recent press release issued by the title’s creators, Small Giant Games. Based in Helsinki, Finland, Oddwings Escape is the mobile game development studio’s first title, and launched free of charge for iOS devices.


In Oddwings Escape, players use touch controls to pilot one of several different flying creatures, as they flee from the experimentation of the evil Dr. Rooster. The flying/puzzle game utilizes unique flight patterns and abilities for each of the characters, within the structure of physics-based controls. CEO of Small Giant Games, Timo Soininen, explained that “Oddwings Escape is our first step to blend genre boundaries and combine features from different types of games to create something completely fresh and different.”

“With our beautiful art style and high quality character design and animations, we’re taking mobile games experiences to new heights,” he added.


Their public facing press-kit also grants permission for video broadcasters to use the contents of Oddwings Escape for any commercial or non-commercial project, opening up opportunities for community involvement. Asynchronous multiplayer functionality allows friends to play against each other, even when offline. The endless runner-esque levels and complex challenge-based courses offer players some competitive options as well. For additional images, videos, and character descriptions, visit the official Oddwings Escape website.

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