Oculus responds to Zenimax’s Claims Of Intellectual Property Ownership


Oculus has already experienced a bit of controversy from their post-Kickstarter campaign deal with Facebook. But recently, Zenimax – publishing partner of Bethesda, id software, and Arkane Studios, and also where Oculus chief technology officer John Carmack used to work, called, laid a claim stating that a crucial piece of the technology for Oculus was only made possible because of Zenimax’s available resources.

Oculus has not remained silent during these claims. Today, Oculus officially responded to Zenimax’s claims by stating,

“We are disappointed but not surprised by Zenimax’s actions and we will prove that all of its claims are false.”

The team also went further in clarifying certain points that Zenimax alleged in their letter of challenge. Oculus writes, “There is not a line of Zenimax code or any of its technology in any Oculus products.” They went on to state that Zenimax had “misstated the purposes and language” within the non-disclosure agreement signed by founder Palmer Luckey.

The spokesman went on to state that the full source code for Oculus SDK is available online, but “Zenimax never identified any ‘stolen’ code or technology.” And that these claims only came about after the Facebook deal was announced.

Oculus fully intends to defend against these claims, believing that they are well prepared for this eventuality, considering how close Oculus and Facebook are to finishing the details of their deal.

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