October 2015 | Issue 54 Sneak Peek – If She Doesn’t Scare You, No Evil Thing Will

NewLogoResizedIt’s the season for scarin’, and IGM is delivering this month with a spooky issue packed full of thrills and chills. But jump scares aren’t enough to keep the IGM Crew up all night, we also need a little a little suspense and psychological horror. So this Halloween, we let your worst nightmares come out to play. Our Cover Story puts players in the Wild West boots of Grave, a survival horror experience where the chances for survival are as different as night and day. If you thought you had a poor sense of direction before, just wait until reality bends and breaks as night falls, and the monsters come out to play.

Next, we take our happy meds and go deep into the mind of Compulsion Games, the studio behind We Happy Few. The residents of Wellington Wells are certainly a joy-filled bunch, but something seems a bit… off about them. Join us as we brave the Pleasantville-esque town in hopes of escaping the “happy” nightmare.

If that doesn’t scare you, we’ve got one last positively diabolical plan to make you quake with terror. Deep within the pages of our October issue is a nail-biting, head-turning, shriek-worthy review of… Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. Who are these lovers, and why are they adventuring across dangerous spacetimes? You’ll have to pick up the full issue to find out… if you dare. In the meantime, check out this month’s sneak peek and Cover Story snippet:

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Fans of the previous Broken Window title, Reflections, will actually feel a bit of familiarity to the story progression. That’s because the framework they used in their debut project is being carried over and refined for Grave. When asked for details about how it all works, specifically in regard to the team’s comments about their approach to ‘experimenting and redefining the player’s interaction with the game’s narrative,’ Moore mentioned that “Both Grave and our other title, Reflections, use this system that we’re calling the “Storyteller.” The original idea for it came from the ending selection process in Silent Hill 2, where you get one of three possible endings based not on explicit choices, but on general gameplay behavior.”

This idea ties into a core design philosophy for Broken Window Studios, one that pervades the entire development process. “Our belief as a studio is that gamers say a lot about themselves by how they play, and linking the story to those behaviors instead of a ‘pick between 2 options’ choice creates more diverse interactions. We like the idea that the story changes in ways you wouldn’t realize, for reasons that are more tied to your behavior,” they said. Furthering this mindset, Moore mentioned that “It’s always bothered me when games like GTA would pretend your character was this lovable guy in cutscenes, but the moment the player gets control they go on a killing spree. We’re focusing on bringing that kind of gameplay-narrative cohesion to our titles.”

As always, below you’ll find a look at this month’s Front Cover (click to enlarge) and a listing of some additional content found this issue.

cover_Oct_2015Also Featured this Month: A chat with Mike Currington! From Conker’s Bad Fur Day to Grand Theft Auto V, Mike Currington has been in the programming game for quite some time. But after years of AAA development, he decided it was time to take the indie plunge with his debut mobile project, Party!Party!Party!.

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