‘Obsessive Collecting Disorder’ A Fun Social Commentary On Our New Gaming Obsession

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If you are a fan of such modern day greats like N+ or Super Meat Boy you are probably not going to want to pass up on Obsessive Collecting Disorder (OCD). A brand new fast paced platformer from Super Smith Bros with some great comedic social commentary underpinning the gameplay.

OCD is a game which sets up a fun and rather interesting look at society through its tongue in cheek social commentary on modern day games. We have become a generation of gamers who are more and more obsessed with picking up worthless trinkets in games, these items don’t even have to add anything to the game they can be just as simple as offering up achievements, yet we love them.

It really is odd how this has manifested in gaming and OCD hopes to highlight this in a stylized, comedic manner. In OCD you play a Stickman volunteering in a study to try and get to the bottom of this new illness sweeping the world.

Whilst playing as this volunteer you are tasked to collect the coins scattered through a series of increasingly more hazardous chambers. As the chambers get more dangerous we begin to see how severe this epidemic actually is and how much danger the Stickman is willing to endure to collect all of those tantalising coins.

It is a fun concept and offers 70 levels across 7 stages that offer ever more difficult and more dangerous hazards.  As you progress expect to see ever more innovative traps and hazards designed to really explore how bad this condition has gotten and what lengths you will go to get these coins.

Obsessive Collection Disorder is currently available on Windows phones for free and it even offers tilt controls with adjustable sensitivity. It is also available from the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace for a small fee of 80MSP which is equivalent to $1.

If you are a fan of fast paced platformers this may very well be what you are looking for and for such a low price you would be crazy to ignore it.

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