OBEY Passive Aggressively Launches on Steam

In OBEY, players take on the role of a tiny, defenseless bunny who’s only goal in life is to make some money. $10,000 to be exact, which is the win condition for every map in OBEY. Each bunny starts out on opposite edges of the map, and is immediately locked in a race towards a giant robot; a towering metal monkey monstrosity equipped with mini-guns, missiles, flamethrowers, electric fences, sentries and more.

OBEY 2015-05-14 19-05-40-43

To win a match, the only objective to make money. Whether players do that as an omnipotent metal-monstrosity of an overlord, or as a lowly bunny wearing an identification collar, is their choice. Social interaction is also a major feature of OBEY. Once a bunny gets to the giant robot, they become the overlord of the map and can use their enormous amount of firepower to force or coerce their fellow bunnies into doing their bidding.

From there, every sixty seconds a dropship arrives on the map, carrying whatever goods the overlord and the bunnies have purchased to use on the map; this can include mines, laser fences, identification collars for bunnies, and more. The most important thing that the dropship can bring, however, is uranium. This is the best way to make money in the game, but only the bunny minions can bring the uranium to a drop-off point. Therein lies the core foundation of the game: How does a bullet-wielding overlord convince his underlings to do his bidding to win them the game?

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OBEY is now available on Steam for $12.74, which is a 15% discount that will last from now until May 28. A 4-pack of the game (so players can invite their friends) is also available at the discounted price of $29.74. Additional information about the game can be found via the official website.

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