NoseBound is Classic Noir Meets Bizzare Supernatural

Quarantine Interactive recently took to IndieGoGo to fund their bizarre, supernatural, noir adventure game, NoseBound. Ray Hammond, a hard-boiled detective with one too many addictions and nothing to lose, receives a phone call like any other night that ensues in a new case. Little does he know, that his latest case will spiral into a dark realm, filled with supernatural occults, and a twisted organization.


In similar style to the film adaptation of Sin City, NoseBound is black and white, with subtle cues of bright neon-like color throughout. NoseBound follows run-of-the-mill adventure game mechanics: Point-and-click movement, talk/interact/investigate verbs, mini-game puzzles, but the game will interestingly enough include the occasional gun shoot out too.

NoseBound is taking an interesting route by combining traditional noir storytelling, with an almost horror-esque paranormal investigation. It’ll be interesting to see how writer, Leonardo Fonseca, uses a classic hard-boiled detective in a fantastical situation like this. The developers expressed inspiration directly from pulp noir fiction, explaining that Hammond is a combination of classic detectives like Philip Marlowe (The Big Sleep), and post-noir ones like Dirty Harry.


Planned to span across four episodes, the developers have clearly stated that they plan for the first two episodes to come out regardless of whether their funding on IndieGoGo is successful or not. The Argentina-based developers are seeking $30K on IndieGoGo with a flexible goal, so they’ll at least get to keep what’s donated.

A donation of $10 gets you a DRM free copy of Episode One when it’s released. NoseBound is set to be released on Windows and Mac, with a tablet port planned if they can reach their stretch goal of $60K. For more information, visit their IndieGoGo campaign, the official website, or Facebook page.

Kurt Indovina is a writer and artist, with an unhealthy obsession for the graphic adventure genre. He spends his time finding games that are more or less out of the ordinary, and push the boundaries of what defines video games as a medium. His dreams and aspirations is to one day be an old woman. If you like your coffee black, the game Grim Fandango, or the show Twin Peaks, you'll get along just fine.