‘Non Flying Soldiers’ The Not So Angry Birds Hit The PC

non flying soldiers

Today sees the latest release from Immanitas Games with Non Flying Soldiers fluttering over to the PC. Non Flying Soldiers is a physics based puzzler which has you controlling a group of flightless birds as they try to traverse the varied and dangerous landscape.

Similar to Lemmings you must guide your army of birds through the level and to the safety the end brings. With this genre lacking at the moment it is great to see companies still developing games reminiscent of the classics, but this time with birds. Although the birds in Non Flying Soldiers may not be angry they are indeed unique with their ineptitude at flying and because of this bring a great deal of humour to this easily loveable game.

You will be given all manner of contraptions to aid these birds and prevent them winding up in a stew. Some of the contraptions include; barriers, springboards, safety nets, speed-ups and many more. With all these devices you should be able to create some rather interesting solutions to the many problems that are put in front of you, really forcing some outside the box thinking.

With 45 fast paced missions brimming with dangerous obstacles and a whole selection of birds and devices you will find hours of fun here. Non Flying Soldiers has been developed by Immanitas Entertainments partner Blue Shadow Games and is available for $12.99 from GamersGate, McGamesGamesload and Fireflower Games.

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