Nom Nom Galaxy Gets a Price Drop, Huge Steam Update

Soup fanatics will get their fill with the recent Q-Games news on Nom Nom Galaxy. The adventure platformer received the largest update on Steam since the game’s launch on Early Access, one that implements new campaigns, features, and upgrades to the gameplay in general. As if that wasn’t enough, they also confirmed a price drop for any upcoming early adopters.

nom nom galaxy-v099-06

New ways of gathering soup ingredients through a mysterious galaxy are available now on Nom Nom Galaxy. The update list is really extensive and features changes in game modes, such as the addition of a new campaign called Corporate Conquest, new planets with more missions, and the long-waited Free Play mode. The factories will also be upgraded with new base parts and warp gates that makes it easier to expand the empire, as well as better research and upgrade systems.

nom nom galaxy-v099-07

The character itself was also affected by the update. The gameplay was optimized in several systems that required some changes; the Astroworkers now have more combat moves, and players can use a Spacy Gum to modify the Astroworkers’ abilities to their will. In-game rewards were also implemented through a new Astropin collection system.

While these changes already modify the game much in the way that the community requested and the developers wanted, the team further announced that online co-op, a Challenge Mode and Steam features like achievements and trading cards will also be available in future updates.

nom nom galaxy-v099-05

Nom Nom Galaxy‘s Early Access version is available on Steam for $9.99 USD, with the price drop having taken effect the same day as the update. The game is available for PC only, with no final release date yet set. For further information, check out the game’s website by clicking here.

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